Our Unique and Exclusive Buyer Services

Property owners engage Real Estate Agents to represent them in marketing and selling their properties.  The “Listing Agents” are the Agent for the Seller.

Effective June 15, 2018 changes to the Real Estate Services Act mandated that Listing Agents can no longer represent both the Seller and the Buyer (creating Dual Agency).  The new rules ban “Dual Agency” and requires the Listing Realtor to represent the Seller and only the Seller. An exception is made where the Buyer agrees in writing to be “Unrepresented” and has the Listing Agent still show and sell the property to them. In essence, the Buyer is giving up all rights to be represented.

Our question is “Why would anyone give up their right to be properly represented in what is generally the single largest investment they will ever untake?”

It is highly recommended that all Buyers should be represented by their own Realtor – someone who works solely for the Buyer, protecting their interests and confidentiality.

Buyer Services

The Realty Match® Difference?
We specialize in Buyer Agency.

When Realty Match® represents you, the property Buyer, we do so throughout the entire transaction: from showings, to drafting the Contract, through negotiations, doing all paperwork, to follow up to closing.

Realty Match® ensures that you fully understand our role as your Agent and that your interests are not compromised. Thus, you, the Buyer, are represented in a superior, personalized manner.

For any reason, should the specific type of property be outside of our area of expertise, we will make sure you are recommended to those Realtors who do have the best knowledge in that field.

Our commitment to you is to be Your Complete Real Estate Service Provider. At Realty Match® we conduct Real Estate as it should be, putting You, the Customer, first.