Now you have made the decision to sell your property. Where do you begin?
By choosing the services you need to Solve the Puzzle by Matching Up

“What you Need” – to – “What we Offer”

At Realty Match® we have put together a menu of services for our clients.
From that, you can choose those services and the related costs that suit your own circumstances and experience.


Full Seller Services

This is for Clients who would like their Agent to look after all aspects of selling their property.
These services include:

  • Providing a comparative market analysis to assist you in properly setting the value of your home.
  • Listing the property on the MLS Service and through agreements with the Data Distribution System and International Data Exchange Service, your information is exposed on over 500 websites throughout North America and around the globe.
  • Advertising the property where and as deemed necessary.
  • Signage and locbox if requested.
  • Cooperating with other Agents by making appointments and obtaining feedback from them and their clients.
  • Facilitate showing the property to prospective purchasers.
  • Assisting the Seller in negotiating terms and conditions favourable to the Seller.
  • Coordinating other professionals including Home Inspectors and Appraisers.
  • Keeping the Seller informed throughout the process.
  • Overseeing the removal of conditions.
  • Sending conveyance instructions.
  • Handling of deposit monies via our Trust Account.
  • Assisting in the completion and possession process.
  • Final inspections and keys on closing.
  • Handling any problems that may arise after completion in a timely manner.

Custom Seller Services

This service is for those Clients who want to save some monies by handling some of the aspects of Sales and Marketing themselves.

This is usually where the Client has some experience in selling homes or has some other specialized knowledge.  For example, a Lawyer may decide to handle all contract negotiations by themselves.  The other situation is for those Clients who started with the Basic Seller service and now needs some help in some of the areas of Selling their home.

We will meet with you and discuss how we can be of a benefit to you; clearly spell out those areas where you will be responsible for services provided; and then negotiate an appropriate fee that covers those services that we will be providing and responsible for.


Basic Seller Services

This service is ideal for Builders, Developers and those Clients who have considerable experience in selling homes and negotiating contracts.

  • This service, essentially, allows you to place your property for sale on the MLS Service and through agreements with the Data Distribution System and International Data Exchange Services your information is exposed on over 500 websites throughout North America and around the globe.
  • Realtors will know your property is for sale and can make their appointments directly with you.
  • The general public is also aware of your property being for sale through, the largest and most visited Real Estate web site in Canada.
  • You, the Seller, directly handle showings, contract negotiations and follow up, supervise all aspects up to closing and final inspections and keys.
  • The cost of this service is negotiated (plus applicable taxes) and is paid up front. (Should, at any time, you wish to upgrade the level of service you need, this fee will be credited towards any additional costs.)

For Developers we have special rates for placing entire phases and projects onto the MLS.


  • Qualified Real Estate Agents have a more personalised knowledge of the area. They can better advise you on property values, and can identify features and benefits of the neighbourhood and how to promote these as added value along with your property. This often results in a faster sale, at a better price.
  • Other real estate agents will feel happier dealing with a knowledgeable, experienced listing broker – one who is familiar with the area and has accurate information, right from the start.
  • By having a selection of services to choose from you decide which one suits your knowledge and experience.
  • Should your situation change you have the option to change the services we provide at any time.
  • Your cost? Never more than $1,000 (plus tax) for the Basic service which can be applied at any time towards the cost of any higher level of service paid at time of sale.
  • Your peace of mind? Priceless!


Regardless of which service you select the important thing is that you decide what you want.
At any time, should you want to change the level of service you need, the option is yours.
Finally, the way Real Estate should be, putting you, the Customer first.